Mystic Learning Center


Happy New Year from the crafters at the Mystic Learning Center in Somerville Massachusetts. This week the group was introduced to The Mindfulness Project book as a way to kick off the new year with a fresh perspective. Together we tried the Ice cube meditation (page 38). We each held a freezing ice cube in our hand (silently) until it melted and then processed what the experience felt like. The idea behind the meditation was to be present and in touch with what the ice actually felt like. Some students reflected that initially the ice was painful but as the minutes passed it was easier to hold the ice. Some students felt pretty numb and a few enjoyed the burning sensation. Overall, students were really tuned into how they felt holding the ice.

Afterwards, we carved potatoes into many different shapes and stamped them onto paper, muslin fabric, and canvas laundry bags. Some students carefully planned and repeated patterns methodically while others scattered designs with reckless abandon. Each crafter dialed into their own style and completed a personalized useful piece of art.