2018: Craft Club Returns!


We missed Craft Club last week due to the first SNOW DAY of 2018! All Boston Public Schools were closed for two days because we had 14 inches of snow.

The art room finally has a sink! This is BIG news in the crafting world! Our storage space was once a girls locker room and in the past we would run the showers into buckets and then rinse out our paint brushes but this summer they ripped out the showers and we had no running water all fall. This made a simple task rather complicated. When I saw the brand new sink I actually shrieked with joy and asked Ms Peterson (the art teacher) what we should name the sink. We are working on names. . .

Attendance was low (12 students) but this wasn’t a huge surprise as many students are getting back into the routine of school. We caught up on how our extended winter break went and then discussed the steps to make lavender sachets. Lavender was chosen because it is a soothing and calming scent used to decompress and manage stress. Students agreed that after inhaling the dried lavender they felt relaxed and planned to store the sachets in their lockers, pillow cases and backpacks and smell them when stress crept in.

Six high school students stayed for extended high school Craft Club. Currently, high schoolers are invited to stay a few times a month to work in a smaller setting and hang out. The students opted to watercolor, chat about future projects and eat pizza!